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Myths about Automatic Sweepstakes Entry Services

If you read about automatic sweepstakes entry services like online, you will hear many rumors. Most of these are honest misunderstandings written by people who don't know how's automatic entry system works. Here are some of the most common myths about automatic sweepstakes entry services, and our response to them.

1. Contests Prohibit Automatic Entry Services from Participating

There is a common misconception that all sweepstakes prohibit entries from automatic services like, and that people who use a sweepstakes service will be disqualified from every sweep they enter.

Nothing could be further from the truth. is dedicated to selecting only sweepstakes where their members have a legitimate chance of winning. To ensure this, we scour the rules of each individual contest and giveaway to ensure that automatic sweepstakes entry services are not prohibited.

Despite being very selective and rejecting any sweep where automatic entry is prohibited, there are still hundreds upon hundreds of contests available for our members. has never had any problem finding sweepstakes with fantastic prizes for its members to enter, even though we respect the contest rules and the wishes of any sweepstakes sponsor who prefers that members not enter.

2. People Don't Really Win through Automated Sweepstakes Entry Services

The people on our Winner's List would strongly disagree!

Unlike some automatic sweepstakes entry services, only lists people who have won through our service on our Winner's List.

Furthermore, the Winner's List is only a small sampling of the members who have won through our automatic sweepstakes entry service. We rely on our members to tell us when they have won a prize. All of the people who have won through our service but want their prizes to remain private are not included on the Winner's List.

3. You Can't Tell What You're Being Entered Into with Automatic Contest Services provides each of its members with a personalized listing of sweepstakes that we have entered for them. A new sweepstake is only added to that list when we receive a confirmation or "thank you" page for that specific entry, so members can be sure that their individual entry was really accepted.

The sweepstakes listing is available for members at all times, and is updated at least twice a day.

This gives you a solid overview of the entries that you receive, and allows you to enter additional sweepstakes on your own without fear of duplicating entries.

4. Contest Sponsors Don't Like Automatic Sweepstakes Entry Services

The number of sweepstakes sponsors that contact directly to ask us to include their contests in our sweepstakes selection certainly attests to the fact that this just isn't true!

Sweepstakes sponsors receive a number of benefits from inclusion in's automated entry service. Most companies run promotions to increase their brand awareness and draw new people to their website, and allows them to reach a broader audience at no additional cost.

They have the chance to contact every one of WinForMe's customers through confirmation emails, which often include marketing information, and they receive a link to their contest page in the Personalized Sweepstakes Listing which members can follow for more information about the product.

People are more likely to buy from a sponsor that hosts a sweepstake because they have a positive feeling toward the company, and this remains true for people who are entered through's automatic service as well.

Savvy marketers realize that automatic entry helps the sweepstakes sponsors as much as it helps the entrants a true win-win situation for everyone!

And if a contest sponsor decides that automatic sweepstakes entries will not help their marketing plan, they can simply put a line in their rules prohibiting them, and WinForMe will not enter the contest.

5. You'll Get Buried in Spam if you Join an Automatic Sweepstakes Entry Service's automatic entry service takes great pains to select only sweepstakes from reliable companies that will not send an unreasonable amount of marketing information to the entrant. While our customers do receive some promotional information, we do not select sweepstakes from companies that we believe will sell your name and address or pass on your personal information to marketing partners, nor do we do such things ourselves. highly recommends that you set up a separate email address for its automatic entries, which makes it easy to find win notifications. If you are receiving emails or newsletters that you do not wish to read at that email address, simply opt out of the marketing list. For more information, read our article about how to manage your sweepstakes email.

We hope that this gives you a better idea of's automatic sweepstakes service, and dispels some of the hype about entry services in general.

Last but not least, remember that not all automated sweepstakes entry services are the same. At, we take pride in providing the highest level of service for our customers. Every sweepstake is hand-picked and individually programmed for accurate entry. The contests are then filtered so that only customers who are eligible to win based on factors like age, gender, and state of residence are entered. And members can track their entries 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With, you can be sure of receiving reliable entry into the best contests on the internet. Register today to see how easy it can be to win cool cash, win a dream vacation, or any of the hundreds of other online sweepstakes and contests that our members enter. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!